Are you manager responsible for maintenance interested in options how to simply reduce downtimes and losses caused by production lines failures?

Ask yourself two basic questions

  1. How long does it take you to deliver information about the failure on production line to the staff responsible to fix the technical issue?
  2. How much money does one hour standstill of your production line costs?

Let´s describe usual case. In period of full operation technical failure occurs on the production line. Operator has to stop working and contact staff dedicated to solving technical issues. Until time the issue is fixed, production line is not capable to work and produce, therefore immediately downtimes and lost profits are increasing.

Wireless system CommOn can reduce time required to inform technician and thanks to it reduces also downtimes and losses.

How it works?

Button (operator)

enables simple, comfortable and immediate sending of information about failure directly from production line

Watches (technician)

ensure immediate delivery of information about failure on particular production line regardless where staff is located

Software (management)

provides list of all callings including time of staff arrival and time of failure repair and also valuable summary analysis about failure rate of production lines in time and space, information about average and total staff reaction time, information about average and total downtimes duration, real-time notifications about critical situations etc.

Do you have more questions?
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How is system able to reduce our downtimes?
By simple touch of a button is operator able to inform the technician about the production line failure. Technician comes sooner, what reduce overall time of line standstill. Imagine, that you can save on each case of failure only 5 minutes. How big impact would it have on your revenues in month, year?
Which way can we reduce labour costs?
Thanks to statistics is management able to measure and track failures of particular production lines and occupancy of technicians in entire hall or its particular areas (e.g. Area 1 , Area 2 etc.) within the day or weeks. Based on the data, which hours, days and sections are the most and which the least occupied, is possible to set the need of staff and shifts in more effective way. Moreover, as system records callings of technicians by operators, these data represent the times when staff is really needed.
What is displayed on the technicians watches?
After pressing the calling button, staff sees on its watches information about the calling line, means its number or name. In case of more lines calling at the same period, also the chronological order is shown. After any of issue is fixed, staff will simply delete info about this calling from its watches. Therefore, watches always show only the cases which are still open.
Which way watches inform technicians about the calling?
Watches can be set for both beeping or vibrating.
How many watches for technicians do we need?
It´s suitable to have watches for all technicians, who are on the floor during one shift. After the shift changes, same watches are used by technicians on other shift.
Which way is the button fixed on the line/machine?
There are few options. Button can be freely placed or firmly fixed (by both-sides tape or screws).
What about installation and system commissioning?
Delivery of the system, its installation, commissioning, testing and training of the personnel is carried out on site by our technicians.
How strong is the signal and its distance?
Signal strength depends on few factors. In open space it´s approximately 150 m. It can be decreased by thick walls, glass walls, floor levels or other electronic interference. Signal is however possible to extend by simple adding the signal repeater into the configuration and plugging into the socket.
How long is the battery life in buttons?
Battery life in buttons depends on the volume of presses. In industry environment is average period of the battery life approximately 6 - 12 months. Afterwards it´s required to replace batteries with the new ones.
How long is the battery life in watches?
Watches are able to work standard 12-hours shift. After shift it´s necessary to charge them. They are charged quickly and in simple way, by provided charging cable in around 2-3 hours.
Does system require any special maintenance?
To its work system does not require any special maintenance. For ensuring smooth operation we only recommend regular technical check by our technicians in interval at least once a year.

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